Supporting our dairy farmers

Jake is supporting the dairy farmers, and the NFU’s, campaign to ensure they are paid a fair price for the milk they produce. 

Recent decisions, by milk processors to cut the price paid to dairy farmers, are causing significant anxiety. Many dairy farmers are already struggling as supermarkets compete with each other to keep milk prices low.

On Wednesday in Westminster, at the NFU-organised ‘dairy summit’, the Government announced it will provide up to £5 million in additional funds under the Rural Economy Grant Scheme. This scheme for high quality projects from the dairy industry can help to increase their competitiveness and added value to boost their market returns.

Jake commented, “Last week I met local farmers and NFU representatives at a local dairy farm here in Rossendale. I heard, at first hand, of the importance why farmers should be paid a fair price for the milk they produce, not selling it for less that it costs to produce.

“I know that the Government is working closely with the dairy industry and is introducing the Grocery Code Adjudicator in this Parliamentary session. This should help protect suppliers by ensuring that large retailers such as supermarkets uphold the Groceries Supply Code of Practice.”

Jake added, “I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with local dairy farmers and will ensure their voices are heard loud and clear in Parliament.”