Not on our hills: Rossendale MP launches windfarm campaign

Jake Berry MP is calling on local residents to support his campaign to stop the building of more wind turbines in Rossendale.


Rossendale’s MP has launched the ‘Not on our Hills’ campaign after constituents and community groups contacted him with concerns over plans to build almost 50 extra turbines on the hills surrounding the Valley.


Jake said:


“The Rossendale Valley is a beautiful part of the country to live in.  With its windswept moors and rugged hills, we attract visitors from across the UK for sport, walking and other activities.  I don’t want it to become the windfarm capital of the UK.


“We’ve already got turbines on Scout Moor, the Grane Road, Todmorden Moor, Reaps Moss and they want to build even more! There are now plans for even more wind turbines at Scout Moor, Rooley Moor to the west of Whitworth and between Bacup and Todmorden.


“I ‘m not opposed to renewable energy, but this many turbines in one place will fundamentally change the face of the Rossendale Valley forever.


“Enough is enough. Please support my “Not on our Hills” campaign to protect the Rossendale Valley.”


To join the campaign, visit or phone 01706 215547