Have your say on dementia care in Lancashire


NHS Lancashire and Lancashire Care Trust are currently consulting on two options of care provision that could be rolled out across the County in coming years. The first option offers one central specialist inpatient site with an enhanced integrated liaison service and specialist community services across Lancashire. Alternatively, the second option, whilst allowing for two specialist dementia inpatient sites across Lancashire, also offers a specialist service in Lancashire but with restrictions on capacity and development of an integrated approach to care.


There are at least 17,900 people who suffer from dementia in Lancashire and the results of the consultation may deeply effect how they receive and access treatment and it is deeply important that they can have their say.


Councillor Jacquie Slater commented:


“There are huge problems in the way that Dementia Care is provided from the stage of diagnoses to the support that is offered to sufferers and their loved ones. That is why I think it is important that the voices of those affected by dementia in Darwen are heard at the consultation, so that any decision truly reflects their needs.”


Further to this Jake Berry commented:


“The Government is committed to ensuring proper support for those suffering from dementia, making it a priority in the mid-term review. I remain unconvinced that the best solution is a single site specialist centre in Blackpool. I would urge NHS Lancashire and Lancashire Care Trust to continue to look for additional sites in East Lancashire to support any proposed single site. I encourage all residents across Rossendale and Darwen to take part in the consultation before it closes on 25th February.”


The Consultation survey can be accessed on the internet at the following address www.feedbacksurveys.org/lancsdementia. A further consultation will be held for Rossendale residents on 21st January between 1pm and 3pm at St Mary’s Chambers.