Darwen's Deluge

Commenting on the news that Blackburn with Darwen Council underspent by £6m last year, Jake said, “Due to the economic situation, everyone has to tighten their belts, and I am glad to see that this includes our local Council. However, while Labour leaders in Blackburn Town Hall complained about cuts, they still managed to quietly put away £6m in a contingency fund.  I have written to the leader of Blackburn with Darwen Council suggesting that payment for flood prevention measures and road improvement works should come from this fund.”

Speaking from his Railway Road office in Darwen, Jake said, “It is essential that Darwen has flood prevention measures put in place and repairs to the roads and car parks carried out following the recent heavy rainfalls.

“Blackburn with Darwen Labour led Council’s Contingency fund is for rainy days and we surely have had many rainy days in Darwen recently.

“Now is the opportunity to make use of this ‘rainy day’ fund to help Darwen residents cope with future heavy rainfall. Just a small portion of this fund would ensure gullies and drains were kept clear and potholes filled, reassuring Darwen residents they are getting value for money from their local council.”

Jake added, “I am calling upon Blackburn with Darwen council to help our town which has been severely hit by the recent downpours.”